Carolina Rhetoric Conference 2012.

Carolina Rhetoric Conference 2012.

The inaugural 2012 RSA webinar took place on the Literary Worlds MOO platform, as well as on Twitter with the hashtag #crc12. Professor Cynthia Haynes delivered the Keynote Address, “Open Source Rhetorics,” at the 5th Annual 2012 Carolina Rhetoric Conference at Clemson University. Dr. Haynes’ talk explored the potentialities and limitations of (inter)media as a means of transdisciplinary invention. Her talk was grounded in an examination of the Rhetoric Society of America’s efforts to create online communities through its Blog and Facebook (and now, webinar) presences. In reflecting upon her experience as a blogger for the RSA Blogora, Dr. Haynes considered how the next steps and new technologies that move us beyond the blog platform will impact online community building across disciplines, as well as how such steps represent and require a rethinking of rhetoric as “open source.”

You can see the CRC 2012 webinar website on WordPress, check out the discussion that followed on the RSA’s Blogora, view the Clemson Graduate School News bulletin, and view photos and tweets from the conference on Storify. You can also view the Facebook event and the RSA announcement.


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